How to wash and dry

Washers can wash up to 48 kg of laundry at once

Are you planning a washday before Christmas, Easter or have returned from holidays or just want to get new fresh look to your wardrobe? No problem! You can wash in several washing machines at the same time.Wash and dry up to an incredible 48 kg of laundry in less than one hour. In our laundries you can use smaller washing machines with the capacity of 10 kg and larger washing maschines with the capacity of 18 kg. Don´t worry about drying you laundry, you can use a large dryer up to 21 kg or smaller one up to 14 kg.

Don ´t want to spend long hours at home washing, drying and ironing your clothes or pay a lot of money for the drycleaner´s?. Speed Queen is the best choice! Washing with us is easy, quick and professional. You will save money and time. In addition ,you can spend a pleasant hour using the free WIFI.

How to wash easily and professionally within 40 minutes

  • Select the machine according to the amount of laundry (10 kg or 18 kg)
  • Insert dirty laundry into the washer.
    • We recommend to sort out your laundry into piles black / dark colored and  light colored / white. Check out your  pockets. You do not want to wash your cell phone, keys or tissue.
  • Close the door and select a program and temperature.
  • Insert Czech coins (5 kč, 10 kč, 20 kč or 50 kč) or tokens. Coins can be combined with tokens.
    • There is a money converting machine that will change your banknotes into tokens in the self-service Speed Queen laundry
    • Warning: The money converting machine doesn't give change when bills used, it will issue the appropriate number of tokens for the inserted bill.
  • Press the START button
    • Washing program takes approximately 35 minutes for 10 kg washer and approximately 45 minutes for 18 kg washer.
    • Doors are locked and can´t be opened during the washing cycle.
  • The end of washing program is signaled by a sound and sign DOOR appears on the display. The door will unlock automatically.
  • Open the door and take out the laundry.
At our Speed Queen laundries, we use professional detergent, fabric softener and a natural based disinfectant, everything with maximum efficiency. Laundry does not need to be boiled. The program is therefore set to 60°C.Programs for 90°C and 60°C are identical.

How to dry quickly your laundry

Wash your laundry in 40 minutes, then take it home wet and dry it on a clothesline? That makes no sense. Speed Queen public laundry  has solution for you. Our professional laundry machines will dry your laundry quickly and in high quality.

  • Place your wet laundry into the selected dryer.
    • For clothes that have been washed in  our 10 kilograms washing machine choose 14 kg dryer. For clothes that have been washed in  our 18 kilograms washing machine choose a 21 kg dryer.
  • Insert Czech coins (5 kč, 10 kč, 20 kč or 50 kč) or tokens. Coins can be combined with tokens.
  • Press the START button, program will run automatically. Once the cycle is done, dryer will switch off.
  • Open the door and remove dry clothes. It will be beautifully fluffy. If some pieces are still damp, set the dryer for another drying cycle (15 minutes).

Drying time depends on the quantity of clothes and type of fabric. For optimal drying results, we recommend to dry 25 to 30 minutes.

Fluffy clothes, newer appearance

  • Want to bring home really dry and fluffy clothes? Always use a bigger dryer than a washing machine. There will be enough room for drying, which will make the process gentle and clothes will be even fluffier.
  • Drying with  professional machines at Speed Queen Laundry brings you many benefits. The dryer collects excess lint from fabric during the drying cycle.. Your clothes will give an impression of being newer. Most of the clothes are beautifully straight after drying and often ironing is not needed, which also saves your time and money.
  • In an hour of pleasantly spent time, for example using the free WIFI, you leave the laundry Speed Queen with a clean and dry laundry, that is ready-to-wear . It´s worth it, isn´t it?

As you can see from our photos we created a very pleasant environment for washing and drying.

Laundry Speed Queen operation rules

  1. The user becomes acquainted with the rules of operation of used devices before washing/drying. In case you need further clarification, you may call or personally contact the operator.
  2. User is obliged to follow the guidelines for washing and drying clothes. Wash your light colored laundry separately from bright colored laundry, adhere to the recommended temperature (washing and drying) stated on the label of textile and always choose the program with the appropriate temperature.
  3. The operator is not liable for damage caused by improper use of the devices.
  4. Washing machines are set to wash normally soiled laundry.. We recommend to use own stain removal if needed. Follow the stain removal instructions. Operator cannot guarantee stain removal.
  5. It is forbidden to wash heavily soiled laundry, greased laundry, laundry contaminated by chemical products, flammable products or material particles (stuck plaster, etc.), laundry with sharp objects attached. Laundry that is torn or ripped is washed and dried at user’s own risk.
  6. The person in charge, named by the operator, has the right to check the laundry being loaded in the washing machines and the right to reject laundry unsuitable for washing in the machines.
  7. The user is required to maintain order at the business premises and behave in such manner it does not restricts at other users and the areas around the equipment. There are grey bins available to use to transfer your washed laundry to dryers. There are folding tables available to use to handle clean laundry.
  8. Children are not allowed to run around the premises and be near the machines.
  9. It is prohibited to smoke and drink alcohol in the whole business premises.
  10. It is forbidden to bring animals in the business premises.
  11. Immediately contact the operator for assistance if solving unforeseen circumstances (medical, technical, or other).
  12. In case of emergency, equipment failure or fire, use the emergency stop button (located behind „měnička“ – banknotes converting machine).
  13. Tax receipt can be issued after a previous agreement with the operator.

Operation rules are valid as of January 1st, 2014